Seoul | Primary Injection Elements Involved in Temporary Lip-Enhancement:
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Primary Injection Elements Involved in Temporary Lip-Enhancement:

Primary Injection Elements Involved in Temporary Lip-Enhancement:

lipsUneven or thin lips can be made firm and plumped using temporary lip injections. If your lips are in need of slight correction, then this kind of lip-injection is the best solution. With a soft touch, your lips will look more beautiful and graceful. Intensive scarring will never occur with this treatment. If you have got any cost issue, then you can go for this treatment as a temporary resolution.

If you take good care of your lips after lip-augmentation treatment, then this solution will create a magical effect for you and the impact will last for long. Three-month is the estimated tenure for the effect to last, but if you take care, then the effect might extend till even six-month. Facial expressions, talking and eating need to be controlled to maintain the mouth-movement properly.

What Elements Are Involved in These Lip-Injections?

Do you want your cupid-bow look perfect? Well, this can be attained only using temporary lip-enhancement involving Restylane and collagen. Restatin is nothing but a sugar-based solution, and this solution needs to be injected for creating an amazing charm to your cupid-bow. Lip-outline can be perfectly corrected by injecting these elements.

For blocking the lip nerves, special anesthesia-cream is being applied for avoiding unwanted pains. Small pinpricks might get noticed, and after a few hours they will get disappeared automatically. Bruising or mild redness can be resolved easily. Your surgeon can cater your special precautions for avoiding temporary complications.

  • Restylane: Though this element is artificial, it is completely biodegradable. This is why it gets easily absorbed or dissolved within your skin for creating natural pulp. This gel-like material needs to be injected directly into your skin to make the lost collagen-layer restored. Three-month is the maximum tenure till which the effect will last. In normal cases, a small amount of this element is enough, but for extreme cases, the amount might increase. Your surgeon should always decide the amount as per your requirement and safety standard.
  • Collagen: Both skin and connective-tissues contain this element as a primary one. This element is completely natural and thus allergic reactions can be easily avoided. Immediate improvement can be experienced if this element is being injected. The desirable level needs to be determined first, so that collagen amount to be injected can be accurately decided. In this case, local-anesthesia is being involved to make the procedure pain-free.

How Can Temporary Side-Effects Be Avoided?

Every responsible and experienced cosmetic-surgeon should conduct a patch-test to check out that whether the patients have got any allergies or not. If any allergies are found, then you should never decide to go ahead. First, you have to make your allergies cured and then only you will be allowed to go to the lip-injection session.

Restylane is treated as one of the safest options, and thus you are suggested going for the same to avoid side-effects.