Seoul | Reasons to love and hate cosmetic surgery
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Reasons to love and hate cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Reasons to love and hate cosmetic surgery

Why don’t we just shun cosmetic surgery out of the world?


We live in a world that is prejudicial and judgemental based on the appearance of the person. We have a lot of historical examples of people who ruined their lives and health by falling prey to cosmetic surgery. I wouldn’t say cosmetic surgery is a sin, but at the same time, I would rather not call it a necessity. Plastic surgery is still under the category of luxury. There are a lot of emotional reasons as to why people are opting for surgical options. Most of us just can’t ignore the way society looks at us. A large part of the population today lives to satisfy the society. It is this negativity that the medical organizations are cashing in on. A study that was conducted in the United States of America says that in the year 2013 more than 15.1 million cosmetic procedures were carried out. Now the million dollar question is that how many of them were mandatory?


Disadvantages of cosmetic surgery:


  • Not always surgeries turn out the way they are expected. 1 in 5
  • who go through such surgeries are believed to be unhappy. Either these procedures fail, or they do not turn out the way they have to. In both cases, the consequences can be bitter.
  • Though they are advantageous, at the end of the day, they are again surgeries. The life of the person is at stake till the person successfully goes through the process and gets back home. In some cases, it is pitiable that they become victimized at a later point in time when no rectifications can be made.
  • The person will go through emotional breakdown if the surgery fails. This will lead to a lot of psychological problems sooner or later.
  • Even if the surgery turns out successful and the desired results are achieved, the side effects can sometimes be on the way. If they are diagnosed earlier something can be done, but if it isn’t it will lead to a lot of complications.

Reasons to appreciate cosmetic surgery:


  • So we are not saying that the whole idea of cosmetic surgery is unnecessary. There are a lot of circumstances in which cosmetic surgery is useful.
  • It improves the psychological feeling of the person.
  • The person can achieve health benefits through specific cosmetic surgeries.
  • If the body parts are extremely deformed as a result of accidents or any other mishaps, then cosmetic surgeries can rectify them with not much of a strain.
  • Weight reduction is easily possible with surgeries like liposuction.


As far as cosmetic surgery is a need for a person, it is fine, but if you are looking at it as a means to look pretty and better, it is a pity that you haven’t loved yourself so far and you will never be able to do it in the future as well. As long as you love yourself for the way you are looking and you do not mind what others are thinking, cosmetic surgery is only a thing of the fool’s paradise. Read More